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    The first hydroconductive wound dressing

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    We Peel and We Absorb.
    A complete line in stoma care products.

WE Medical, strong in Europe

WE Medical started in 2013 as a distributor of medical devices for the Benelux, yet soon switched to being a manufacturer and distributor of wound care and ostomy products. Two product groups with the care of the human skin as a connecting link.

Now, barely 5 years later, WE Medical has gained a strong position , both in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. Through a network of preferred partners our products are currently obtainable in the Benelux, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Italy, Portugal and France. And, more and more countries are added to the list. 

In turn, we are the supplier of major international players in ostomy and wound care and we regularly share our knowledge during conferences and seminars of the ECET (European Council of Enterostomal Therapy) among others.

Quality assurance: ISO 13485-2016

As a company we are ISO 13485-2016 certified. That means that we comply with all the current laws and regulations for medical device manufactorers. They include the new European regulations for medical devices (MDR). Furthermore, all our products have the required CE marking to get market acces to be sold on the European market.